a day in the life

6:00AM: wake up. lay in bed thinking about rearranging the furniture. get up and turn off the airconditioner since Bryan is all wrapped up in the covers like a burrito and looks cold

7:00AM: cuddle with Bryan until alarm goes off. he’s awake too. we are mutually sleepless this week.

7:20AM: wake up, fix my hair and make up, put on one of my favorite outfits (teal wrap dress, black tights, new black boots, purple trench coat), rearrange the bedroom furniture. the boots make me tall as Bryan and therefore confident

7:45AM: stuff books for the day (C.S. Lewis, Philip Larkin, Wendell Berry) and breakfast in purse, and walk to work with Bryan

7:50AM: get to work, clock in, open the window since I’m burning-up-hot today despite my typical cold-naturedness

8:15AM: finish checking work emails. have a long conversation with co-worker about cool new hairstyle she’s trying out today. make mental note: try this hairstyle tomorrow

8:30AM: have my quiet time. currently reading Ephesians

9:30AM: read various poetry books until my boss gets in and gives me new assignments.

11:00AM: take my lunchbreak. clean the house, have lunch (leftover fried rice), read a little of one of the old Real Simple magazines I found in the free seminary thrift store

11:30AM: bring Bryan lunch at the music library, sit and chat awhile before heading back to the office. check our mail

2:00PM: set up for preview day. a new (and heavier!) display this time, but luckily I’ve got help from the other missions department

2:30PM: talk with new students about why they should be church planters. answer questions, (successfully!) resist eating the free cookies

3:30PM: pack everything up and head back to the office. check voicemails and emails

4:30PM: walk back home, thinking about weekend plans

4:45PM: a short pilates workout then long walk with Bryan for my easy workout day (yesterday was a hard workout day, and I alternate)

6:00PM: Head to the chicfila for free sandwiches with Bryan, resist buying another pair of tights at Forever21, then to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for the meals I’m cooking tomorrow.

7:00PM: get back home and chill out with my honey while waiting for my little sis to get in town for her weekend visit.

One response to “a day in the life”

  1. Ah I love it…your day sounds quite awesome. ❤



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