Boston: Part 2

Sunday we met up with the Joneses at The Burren, an Irish restaurant in Davis Square that has a delicious Irish Sunday brunch. After that we hung out with them and their 3 adorable kids for a while, playing at the park–their oldest was all about “writing poems” with me, haha! My favorite line: “there are blueberry bushes everywhere, sometimes.” I love it.

After all that, we went by H&M, my favorite yankee store, and then to their new church, where we had an awesome worship service.

Monday was all about the Red Sox.

Bryan and I ate at Uno Chicago for lunch, then went on to Fenway for the pregame tour. I would recommend this tour to anyone, even those who aren’t so into sports–it had some really interesting history about the park and got us so excited for the game that evening!

I admit, I’m not super sporty–never have been–but the Red Sox is a team I can get on board with. First off, I love their fans–any team that has fans as dedicated as Red Sox fans must have something special about them. I also love all the history and how they were the underdog for so long. You know that even on their away games, the stadium is mostly filled with Red Sox fans? Even at games all the way in Florida?! Its crazy and I love it!

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the game–one of those crazy fans was dumb enough to pick up a foul ball off the field while it was still in play, allowing the Indians to get two guys in, and we lost by 1 in the end.

We still had a really great time though! Our seats were really close and there were lots of fly balls hit in our area. One landed right behind us–a guy caught it with his bare hand, but then dropped it and this other girl found it and wouldn’t give it back, despite the fact that his hand was Bleeding from catching the ball bare handed. There are no morals when it comes to fly balls.

After the game, rather than cram into the T, we walked across the Charles to where Ross works. The night skyline of Boston over the water was so lovely, but I couldn’t get a great picture of it with my little camera. Here’s the best “impressionistic” picture I got:

More on Boston later!


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